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Mapping Digital Media: Macedonia - Open Society Foundations

Jun 25, 2012 ... The media in Macedonia have been at the center of acute political instability in recent years, affecting ... newspapers or TV news shows, allowing audiences to keep abreast of global news ...... Alsat TV broadcasts two major.

Assisting Media Democratization after Low-Intensity Conflict ... - RRPP

the Center for Research and Policy Making from Macedonia, the Albanian Media ..... The family of an ethnic-Albanian businessman, Vebi Velija, owns Alsat TV.


Macedonia,” or in the words of Greek foreign minister Dora Bakoyannis, Macedonia's “intransigent stance .... stated Sasho Ordanoski, editor at ALSAT Tv.

Dissemination conference at the Chamber of Commerce, MK ...

1 јул 2011 ... MTV; Aleksandar Momirovski, A1; Aleksandar Nova Makedonija; ... Popova ; TV Alsat; TV BTR ; TV E; TV EDO; TV EDO; TV ERA; TV K-15; TV ...

Discovering 'Macedonian diaspora'. A Web ... - e-Diasporas

nationally recognized Macedonian state, in the 21st century 'Macedonia' remains a focus of struggle not ...... Albanian-language authority, ALSAT-M TV in.

Sašo Srbakov - SEE-Digi.TV

0. Boom!TV. Digital Terrestrial Television in. Republic of Macedonia ... •MRTV 3. MRTV. •Sitel. •Kanal 5. •Alsat. •Telma. National. TV. •Documenta ry. •Sport.

Macedonia - Refworld

As with a number of countries in Eastern Europe, reforms in Macedonia ..... Alsat TV. Since 2004, Macedonia's three best-selling newspapers, Utrinski Vesnik,.

Republic of Macedonia - ITU

Electro-economy of Macedonia, Elekstrostopanstvo na Makedonija. MB ..... licences should be granted to TV Telma, TV Kanal 5, and Alsat-M, and new local.