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A Survey of Smoothing Techniques for Maximum Entropy Models

ing the) ood-T© uring estimate [2 И ], a theoretically moti- vated discount that ... discounting,VA neser-WD ey smoothing uses absolute discount- ing, andCA at ...

KBV aktuell 1-2007 - Körperbehinderten-Verein Stuttgart eV

Weg vor uns. Gemeinsam mit unseren moti- vierten Mitarbeitern und .... mis von Ake Edwardson, Hakan Neser, Hen- nig Mankel, und aktuell: die Bücher von ...

Die Sewe-en-veertigste Algemene Jaarvergadering van die ... each application is fully moti ... GL Grobler se (TPO), LE Leach SC (ECO), OA Neser SC (TPO), WH Trengove SC (WLO), FH Terblanche (TPO), J Lubbe ...

Local order variations in confined hard-sphere fluids - GUP

Oct 23, 2013 ... Moti- vated by recent experimental advances in determining anisotropic structure factors of ...... Neser, C. Bechinger, and P. Leiderer, Phys. Rev ...

The Truth About Cotton - Gene Dattel

and sometimes those moti-tes expressed themselves in ironic ways. ... But. lilac Lincoln. he neser foresaw equality tior blacks and whites. In. 1860. he said.

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RAMGARH MOTI. BAGH (PTA). AJIT SINGH. SCI. GEN. 27-Oct-1958. 23-Oct- 1984. 23-Oct-1984. DIRECT. 75. 8757. PARAMJIT. KAUR/GHS. CHANCHONKI( G).

A Study of Smoothing Methods for Language Models Applied to Ad ...

In some cases, there have been theoretically moti- vated models that also ...... K atz smoothing [7] ,. K neser-ЖО ey smoothing [8]); evaluation of them would be a.

Independent Boord of Inquiry Into Informal ... - Historical Papers

Justice H3rms only to investigate politically-moti. around" most of them ..... Neser of VerC('1I1glng. ... Justice HOlrms only to investLiate politlcally·moti. ! around" ...