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Position Paper Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) - Yara

Jul 4, 2012 ... Pro-GMO companies argue that this technology will improve food security ... According to the FAO, the main arguments being used by pro-GMO.

National Catholic Reporter - Vatican studies genetically modified crops

Yet the May 15-19 event could help drive the Vatican toward a pro-GMO stance, disappointing some social justice activists ... influencing pro-GMO arguments.

have lobbied for allowing more GMO crops - Corporate Europe ...

introducing pro-GMO arguments. Reimers also hosted the 'farmers'. GM food tasting event in June 2010 (see Edelman/The Centre). uEuropaBio. 6 Avenue de l' ...

Michael Eisen's Angry, Hypocrisy Drenched Assault on Informed ...

disregard their arguments) or "Genetic Fallacy" (The source/person of argument is bad therefore .... The article provided no fallacy-free pro-GMO arguments, and.


Jun 21, 2005 ... It gives arguments to help ..... (James 2002), which was published by the pro- GMO organisation International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-.


pro-GMO production - competitivity and economic efficiency arguments; against GMO production - mainly matters related with environmental biosafety and the ...

Hedge detection as a lens on framing in the GMO debates: A ...

in public discussions frame their arguments is important ... pro-GMO vs. anti-GMO articles differ not just with ... See Varttala (2001) for a review of arguments re-.

African Perspectives on Genetically Modified Crops - Center for ...

Jul 2, 2010 ... Pro-GMO voices have not coalesced in a way that might accelerate change, .... concentrate on the more sensational arguments put forward.